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  1. ReplyThanh Nguyen
    Thank you very much for built this web site. God bless this temple, your family and you. One little suggestion, would be nice if we can grouping the photo into specific events (individual folder). The name of the groups don't have to be fancy or too detail. Simple name can be such as "2010-02-03 New Year...", "2011-02-03 Rabbit New Year", "2011-02-22 Nguyen Dan"...etc.... Please note, I am naming the folder as the Year, Month, Date to each folder. This will be shown in numerical other, this will make people search quicker to specific events or day that they wanted to see. Again, Great job!!! A Di Da Phat.
    • ReplyThầy Minh Thành
      Ok Thanh, thank you for the suggestion. When we get new pictures, I will take your advice and put them into different folders. Good idea.
  2. ReplyBev Haggard
    I planned my appointments and errands to come today Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 to come to the Temple. I arrived at 3:00 PM and a man came to the closed gate and said they were closing. It was supposed to close at 6 PM. I am very disappointed I could not go in today.
    • ReplyThầy Minh Thành
      Hi Bev, I am terribly sorry and I greatly apologize. It was a decision from our head monk to close the temple early today because of the rain and because all of the helpers were just completely fatigue from helping the two days before. I hope we can make it up to you because we are opening the temple up an extra day this Saturday Jan 28th for those who couldn't come or had to work. Please come visit us that day if you are free. We also have other ceremonies throughout the year that you can attend which falls on a Sunday.
  3. Replyloti
    Are all invited to come visit or only a certain realm of people? I have passed by the location thousands of times and have always said that when all is in full bloom ,if you will, it looks like one of the happiest places I have ever seen. And if it is public allowed then what are some common coutesies that should be observed? Thank you for your time.
    • ReplyPhật tử Temple Hours We are only open from 9am-5pm on ceremony days.

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